The residents of Agawam MA enjoy hosting parties and events using tent rentals from Party & Tent Rentals in Agawam MA because they trust that the tents are clean, in good condition and available at the lowest prices in the area. Anyone who has previously hosted a party using tent rentals from us in the
past has readily agreed that one of the things they liked about renting our tents is that there are options
for making their party or event unique, practical and affordable. Unique because they can choose from
3 different tent styles and various sizes to fit their guest list; practical because tents are not just pretty they are functional too; and affordable because we offer the lowest tent rental rates in the surrounding area.

Agawam MA tent rentals add elegance to the party, and color if the circus tents are selected which are two good reasons to book tents from us for your next informal or formal outdoor event. Each of the three styles of tents fit a specific purpose such as providing a sophisticated backdrop for a formal wedding when using the elite tent; or creating spacious display areas for carnival and fair vendor wares when using the standard tent; and of course many successful parties have added a splash of color when booking one of the 3 colorful circus tent rentals. Whether the purpose is to provide shelter, a place to eat, a place to dance and listen to music or a shady area for guests to gather and enjoy each other’s company our tent rentals are useful and can lead to a successful event or party.

Tent rentals in Agawam MA have increased over previous seasons because the word has spread about our superior customer service, and top quality products. We pride ourselves on answering all customer questions in a friendly and professional manner and take steps to insure that everyone’s tent rental experience is a happy one. We are fully licensed and insured for everyone’s protection. Because of the popularity of the tent rentals we suggest to all our customers to book early so they won’t be disappointed because despite ample inventory during peak party season we can run low on tents. Be sure to ask about our discounts on our package deals to save even more money on all your party rental needs.

Lowest Tent Rental Prices in Agawam, MA!

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We now offer linens with table rental! 
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Lowest Tent Rental Prices in Agawam, MA!

Call us today for a free quote! (413) 342-1267

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Tent Rentals in Agawam, MA
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Elite Tents

Elite Tent Sides

$35 per side

Windows walls & window doors.

Our highbred wall system makes pulling back any side as easy as a shower curtain.

Standard Tent Sides

$99 for 4 sides

2 sides roll up.

Round Table

Globe Lights

32” or 42”


White Ice
Chill Table

Stackable Chair $1.49

Banquet Table

Cocktail Table


Table, Chair & Light Rentals

Folding Chair

Bounce HousesBounce_House_Rental_in_Feeding_Hills_01030.htmlBounce_House_Rental_in_Feeding_Hills_01030.htmlshapeimage_50_link_0