Water slide rentals in Agawam MA is made possible by Party & Tent Rentals in Agawam MA a website showcasing colorful, fun and safe water slides for the parties and events hosted by residents of Agawam MA. There are several wet and dry water slides for our customers to choose from in our ample inventory. We have the popular Big Kahuna Water Slide, the new Circus Water Slide, our fun and colorful Blue Splash Water Slide and our Green Splash Water Slide. We also have the Dual Lane Dry Slide and the Extreme Dry Slide for those who prefer waterless sliding fun.

Water slide rentals in Agawam MA have become popular party rentals because sliding appeals to
all age groups and because we have both wet and dry slides there is something to please all our customers. Our water slide rentals are colorful, fun and safe. Water slides help to cool off party
guests on hot days and provide hours of fun. We always point out to our customers that when
booking water slides it is important to have a power outlet and water supply within 100’ of where
the water slide will be located during the party. When booking water slide rentals you can expect
to receive the lowest rental prices in the area. We also have full day rentals instead of just a few
hours provided by other rental companies.

Our company is known for our professional and competent staff, our high quality products and services and respected for being fully licensed and insured. We are available to our customers from 7am until 10pm to answer questions, take bookings or give information about our water slide rentals. Water slides are very popular during the warmer months of the year and so we strongly suggest that you book your party rentals early. If you are having a difficult time deciding between our wonderful water slides give us a call and we can help you with your selection. We can also explain about our discount on packaged deals when you add other party rentals to your order. Water slides are perfect for birthday parties, graduation parties, youth events, fairs and carnivals and pretty much any celebration where kids and adults want to have fun sliding on colorful inflatable dry or wet slides.

Green Splash Water Slide$299

Blue Splash Water Slide$349

Dual Lane DRY Slide$399

Extreme DRY Slide $399

Big Kahuna Water Slide$449

Lowest Water Slide Rental Prices in Agawam, MA!

Call us today for a free quote! (413) 342-1267

Wild Splash Slip & Slide 
(click for more info):

Lowest Water Slide Rental Prices in Agawam, MA!

Call us today for a free quote! (413) 342-1267

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Circus Splash Water Slide


Double Splash Water Slide
(Ages 15 & Under)

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5-in-1 Combo
Bounce House


7-in-1 Combo
Bounce House