Our customers in need of party rentals in Agawam MA are seeking popular entertainment items

such as bounce houses, obstacle courses, water slides, tents, tables, chairs, dunk tanks, concessions, DJ booths, photo booths and indoor/outdoor dance floors, all of which we have here at Party & Tent Rentals in Agawam MA. We also have so much more than just tents for people to rent for their events and parties. We have rentals for birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, graduation parties, fairs, carnivals and rental units for elegant outdoor weddings. Customers have booked everything they required for informal parties and elaborate formal events knowing that they receive a discount when they book packaged deals.

Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, capable of assisting with party rental selections or explaining our discounts. Staff members also clean and disinfect the inflatable units and inspect all rentals to be sure they are in good condition before each booking. We are the recommended by the residents of Agawam MA for party rentals because they trust us to give excellent customer service and the lowest prices on party rentals in the area. Positive comments from one satisfied customer to the next are how our business grows. We are also a trusted party rental company because we are fully licensed and insured and our products and services are of the highest quality.

Party & Tent Rentals in Agawam MA are especially in high demand during the warmer months of the year when graduation parties and end of school celebrations occur. Despite the fact that we have ample inventories of tents and inflatable units, such as bounce houses and obstacle courses, we do recommend to our customers that they book early to reserve their desired date before it is too late.
Our colorful inflatable rentals are always a big hit at parties and always the first to be depleted in our inventories. During peak fair and carnival season, concessions such as our popcorn, cotton candy and snow cone machines are also in high demand. We have packaged deals that are geared for saving our customers money on the items that go together such as tents, tables, chairs and tent lighting. These items are often booked together especially for weddings or bridal showers. Give our friendly staff a call between 7AM and 10PM to book your party rentals.

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