There are many things to love about obstacle courses including the thrill of competition, the rush off adrenaline as you speed through the challenging obstacles facing you as you race against the clock to the finish line. Guests at Agawam MA parties recognize all these things as they participate in events and parties where one or more of our obstacle courses are present. We are the rental company with the lowest prices in the area so chances are the obstacle course rentals at the party are from us. Our party rental units at Party & Tent Rentals in Agawam MA are always clean and in good condition so guests and customers always leave positive reviews for our service and our rental products. Obstacle course rentals in Agawam MA always increase at the start of summer just as schools are going on summer break. They are popular for end of school parties and graduation parties. Kids have a blast and adults know that they kids are going to have a good time while staying safe.

There are several obstacle courses to choose from when you rent from us including the Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course, the Double Rush Obstacle Course, and the Backyard Obstacle Course Challenge. Customers will discover that each obstacle course has its own challenges and are appreciated by kids of all ages. They each are colorful and attractive to participants and spectators. The Adrenaline Rush has six different combinations of challenging obstacles for guests to overcome and is perfectly setup for teams. It includes pop ups, a double climb and also involves climbing, crawling and sliding. The Double Rush has log jams, tunnels and rock walls. The Backyard Obstacle Course is 40 feet of excitement with both horizontal and vertical pop-ups and mesh windows for easy viewing by parents and other spectators.

Obstacle course rentals in Agawam MA have been a fun part of successful parties and events because kids and adults enjoy them; they foster good team spirit and are just plain fun! Unlike traditional obstacle courses where injuries can occur, the inflatable surfaces of our obstacle course rentals are soft and bouncy so kids can jump, crawl and even fall without getting hurt. We make it easy to book your obstacle course rentals and all your other party rental needs because we are open from 7am until 10pm.

Lowest Obstacle Course Rental Prices in Agawam, MA!

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Double Rush
Obstacle Course

This inflatable is fun to race through
or just play in all day long!
Great for graduations and birthday parties!

(Two sides of Adrenaline Rush II)

Lowest Obstacle Course Rental Prices in Agawam, MA!

Call us today for a free quote! (413) 342-1267

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Backyard Obstacle Course

40’ feet long!
Don’t be fooled by other
companies much smaller units!


Adrenaline Rush II

This 3-piece, 1500 pound unit is sure to please the kid in everyone!
Nearly 1000’ square feet!

40’ L x 28’ W x 15’ H
Please call for pricing

40’ Monster Obstacle Course


40’ Monster Dual Lane


80’ Monster Obstacle Combo

"Longest obstacle course in New England"

Nearly 1000 square feet!

80’ L x 16’ W x 22’ H

Call For Pricing

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